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Mixed Media Album with process video

After taking Ana Bondu´s workshops last February I wanted to keep creating, my hands were ready to get really inky (or painty, or gluey)
Después de tomar los talleres de Ana Bondu en febrero quedé con muchas ganas de seguir creando, mis estaban listas para llenarse de tinta, o pintura...o pegamento...

For a while I´ve been telling myself I need to use what I have, there are so many great new products and new collections, and I always fall in love with everything (I know I'm not alone on this :) but I can't keep buying stuff...So when I sat to make something, I found some old pictures I wanted scrap, and found some old mini album kits, that I´ve had for around 10 years waiting to the "perfect" occasion to use them. So the decision was made, some pictures of my kiddos playing with their cousins and a kit with different materials for the album pages and rings.
Then I worked with what I had on hand, actually what I had on my desk from my previous projects.
I worked over …

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